CCAH Scholarship


2018 CCAH Scholarship Application

Deadline June 29, 2018


Click HERE for the 2018 CCAH Scholarship Flyer & Overview

Click HERE for the 2018 CCAH Scholarship Application

CCAH Members,

We are pleased to update you on the progress of the Douglas Young & Daniel C. Logue Scholarship Program.  The CCAH Board started the Scholarship program to promote education and expand opportunities for residents of affordable housing in California.  We specifically designed it to benefit students living in CCAH member properties.

Program Highlights

  • Two new Scholarships will be awarded with previous awardees in 2015 the opportunity to submit additional subsequent applications through their fourth year.
  •  Each new recipient will be awarded $500 per semester (total of $1,000 for educational expenses for the first year).  For the same awarded recipient and for years 2, 3, and 4 qualifying subsequent applications to be awarded an additional $250 per semester for a combined total of $500 for that year.
  • $1,000 Annual Award ($500 per semester)
  • Applicant  Must be a High-School Graduate Candidate or Equivalent (GED)
  • Applicant Must Be Enrolled or Accepted as Full-Time Student
  • GPA of 3.0 or Above
  • Household Income < 60% AMI
  • Application Deadline of June 29, 2018
  • Awards Made on August 1, 2018

Progress to Date:

CCAH raised $28,127 in donations to the program since 2011.  $11,250 in scholarship funds have been awarded to date.  In 2017 we received 3 applications; the winners were Jazmin Juarez, Niland, CA  and Stephanie Romero, Wasco, CA.

2018 Goals:

We’d like to increase the number of applicants applying to the program so we can more broadly distribute the funds.

Moving forward, CCAH has voted to allow the below:

–The awarded recipients from 2015 to continue to reapply for an additional $250 twice a year.  One time in June and the other in January the following year.

–CCAH has also decided to award two new recipients each year with the above same opportunities.

Please encourage your site managers to talk to the college-bound students at their properties and urge them to take advantage of this opportunity.  The CCAH scholarships are not only available to high school seniors, but also to people who have been out of high school for a while and have decided to enroll in a college or vocational school in order to expand their future opportunities.

We have enclosed a flyer in this packet that can be displayed in the community room or property management office as well as a copy of the simple application.

All of these materials can also be found on our website at