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July 11, 2016

City Seeks Proposals for Downtown Housing/Retail Project

Contacts: Frank Quintero,  209 385-6827     David Gonzalves,  209 385-6858

Taking advantage of UC Merced’s Downtown Center project and demand for apartments in Merced’s Downtown, the City of Merced Office of Economic Development is issuing a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a housing/retail project near the Merced Civic Center.

The 1.4 acre project area consists of three City-owned parking lots, and the Fluetsch and Busby Building, along N Street between W. 18th and W. 19th Streets.  The City’s vision calls for construction of retail and office on the lower floor, and apartments on the remaining two stories.

“The City of Merced has not taken on a project like this since Redevelopment was dissolved in 2012,” said the City’s Director of Economic Development Director Frank Quintero.  Similar projects constructed in Downtown Merced include the Merced Lofts and Merced Theatre restoration, which were completed by the former Merced Redevelopment Agency.

“The Request For Proposal will be made available to experienced multi-family and mixed use developers,” said David Gonzalves, Director of Development Services.  The RFP was issued on Wednesday, July 6, and is due back to the City by Friday, August 26.

According to City Manager Steve Carrigan, five experienced development companies have expressed interest in the project.  “The City is looking for ways to build momentum in Downtown Merced, and the Downtown Commons project is a ripe development opportunity,” said Carrigan.

Other projects taking place in Downtown Merced include UC Merced’s 65,000 square-foot administration building as part of its 2020 Project, a new Starbuck’s drive-thru at Martin Luther King Jr Way and W. 16th Street, and Les Schwab Tires is under construction near the Starbuck’s site.

“If people live and work in the Downtown Merced, they will eat and shop in Downtown Merced,” said Carrigan.  “Once this project is completed, we will be looking for other development opportunities to enhance Downtown Merced.”

Once the proposals are submitted to the City, an internal team will evaluate the proposals for factors including completeness, experience, and design.  Staff anticipates that the project will take approximately 18-months to complete.  An official kick-off date has not been determined.

“As previously shared with the Council, the City desires to be its own economic engine, the Downtown Commons is the first step in the right direction,” said Quintero.

Copies of the Request For Proposal are available by contacting:


March 8, 2016

Sales and Marketing Manager – E3 California


E3 California is focused on providing energy efficiency and sustainable projects in the built environment.  We offer a broad range of services for retrofit and new construction: consulting services, energy modeling, and mechanical engineering, above code services, testing and verification.  Architects and developers consult with us to navigate energy code and evaluate the financial implications of design decisions.  These services range from schematic design meetings to site energy-assessments and reporting.  We also offer above-code consulting services, such as LEED to clients looking to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Our clients look to E3 to understand and leverage the benefits of energy efficiency and sustainable projects in the built environment.


E3 California is seeking a Sales and Marketing Manager to maintain relations with existing clients, develop business opportunities with new clients and oversee marketing.  The Sales and Marketing Manager is the official representative for E3 California when interacting with its clients in customer relations, business development, estimating, and other related areas.  The Sales and Marketing Manager will be responsible for managing and coordinating sales opportunities and maintaining the image and reputation of the company by exercising sound and ethical business practices in all relations.

Direct all inquiries to:

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February 8, 2016

Senior Underwriter, Community Finance – Capital One
Summary:  The incumbent is responsible for the structuring and negotiation, underwriting, closing, due diligence and compliance functions related to the origination of new credit and investment products offered by the Community Finance group. The incumbent will have the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to work on the most complicated transactions with only modest day to day management involvement in assigned transactions. The incumbent will assist in the development of junior staff as well as lead or assist ad hoc projects and reports as assigned by management. While serving in this role, it is expected that the incumbent will evidence a high degree of competence in all facets of departmental operations and eventually build specific subject matter expertise in an area relevant to but above and beyond the customary level of knowledge required to perform assigned tasks. The incumbent will take a leadership role in managing the deal team from origination through closing.